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i voted yes, we all have a right to privacy,
but, my answer isnt a simple one, lol........

as a parental caregiver, with out of state siblings, i can tell you from experience that it is sometimes better not to tell everything! esp if you have dorks for siblings who think it is funny to add to the news just to scare other siblings, etc just starts a whole circle of mess!

if it were about me, well i would really only want DH, DS and my very closest friends to know, and those friends are right here on SCS

if MIL knew, she would only use it for daily gossip or to try to fill DH's head with all kinda of junk

i would only tell my mom if i felt she could handle it, and then she would be sworn to secrecy. my siblings could not know unless it truly put my mothers care in jepardy,( not that any of them would be willing to care for her or be there for her if she no longer could live by herself), they would just cause too much stress and mess which in turn would affect mom, which would lead to yet more troubles, you know?
and besides, i am not really close to them anyways and would just plain not want them in my business!

so, i guess it just isnt a simple thing!
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