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Originally Posted by PH in VA View Post
YDS has learned that if I find clean clothes not put away reasonably promptly, I will go in his room when he's in there and just sit in there until he puts them away. That's enough action on my part to annoy him into getting the job done.

When I ask them to, both of the boys will start a load of laundry, or move one from the washer to the dryer and start the dryer, or sort out a load of clean clothes. So they do have some laundry skills. Both of them need to work on folding, lol, but they aren't completely helpless.

One of the girls I lived with my freshman year of college would go home every two or three weeks so her family's maid could do her laundry for her. Ferreals. She had never washed a dish until she came to college. She was crazy spoiled.
I had a friend in Atlanta who had an apt. nearer downtown, but his parents lived out in the suburbs. He would go out every Sat. and his mom would do his laundry, said it was because she was just glad to see him every week! Ha ha ha And I could see that, it wasn't a hardship for his folks, he was a good guy, working and going to school.... I know my mom charged my sister when she came home to do hers - said she'd have to pay at a laundromat and it cost mom, so why not. But mom didn't need the money either. I think some kids need the lesson.... some not so much. DD needed the lesson; I gave her more than one chance. lol And for a long while, I was always right next to her while she did it.

My little sister taught her kids to do laundry out of necessity when she got sober, got custody of them back, and was working full time and going to class at night. She said that for years there was a spot of bright nail polish at the "start" point so her kids knew where to put the dial! They were like 9 or 10, kind of young but capable.
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