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Originally Posted by PH in VA View Post
Did she ever get it straight about the football special teams?

So what's the most recent story?

And how is she doing after the other cheerleader fell on her?
No..but she dumped her fb boyfriend. So, she didn't care about football anymore. Hello!!! This is KY. We're basketball people.

Most recent story...

Went out to do some shopping last saturday and DD is in the backseat texting w her gf. She later asks me if she can go to D's house and spend the night. I tell her to make sure that D's mom is ok with it and if so, its fine w me. I will take her there after I eat lunch. So, drive DD out to D's house around 3 and pull up in the drive way.

D's Mom: Hey, girl. Whatcha doing here?
Me: Aren't you expecting Grace?
D's Mom: Well,I just got in from the grocery. She must have asked dad.
D's Dad: What's up lady?
Me: Just dropping my kid off to you guys. Not much else.
D: DD, hey! What's up! What are you guys doing here?

I'll send the convo there. DD had been texting all day with D's former phone number. Upon rereading the conversation, it was definitely a guy and he was definitely playing with her and she didn't get it. One comment exchange went like this:

DD: I need to get a shower before I come over.
Person thought to be D: Nah, no need to shower. We're gonna get dirty. Real dirty. You can shower here.

Yeah....She's pretty. Ugh.

Doing ok after the injury. Couldn't tumble for a couple of days, but other than the bruising she was ok. Had a black eye for team pictures, but now they just have a story to tell!
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