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Originally Posted by vikkijo View Post
You ladies all rock! Prayers and thoughts must have been all good! Okay It was back on the 9th we found out FIl needed surgery. Well since then WOW!

No we haven't found Clint's phone
You know Monday was a holiday, No MAil! So my WC check didn't come, i didn't think anything of it, even though all of my payment plans are for making payments on Mondays. but It'a National Holiday so i THOUGHT it would be okay
Tuesday Check came, and neighbor wanted to ride to town cuz she has fraud on her bank account, so I took care of my check, and her issues. But my mail didn't come till after 1
It was nearly 4 when we got all done and headed home again.
I walk in the door to Clint saying pack a bag we are going to VA tonight, we will get a room close by,
they changed times for FIL surgery I guess
First if we wanted to see him b4 surgery we had to be there by 8 am, then it changed to 6 am.
UGH well its a 2 hour drive so we went down Tuesday night, found a hotel online, it was $79 okay fine whatever right! Get down there and there was construction so my directions were wrong, i called and we were only a few blocks away
so when we got there i asked her for directions to the VA Hospital from there she says Oh this is a VA stay.. there is a discount then $30 off the bill. that was good

Well Clint didn't sleep at all he was so worried I'd get lost and he would't see his dad. Granted I do not the Metro, but I did grow up down there, and I spent many many weekends at the Mall of America with the kids and my sister.
SO we checked out at 5 am... it was 4 miles to the VA
and no visitors allowed until 6.
A Security guard let us in early though. Get in the room to see dad and it has now changed into a Quad by pass.

Oh I haven't mentioned.. Sunday his younger brother got home from work, laid on the sofa for a nap and the Foot ball game, he died in his sleep of a heart attack! That was not a good way to start this week!

Well they took dad to prep at 7 am, Clint, his 2 sisters, mom and 2 of dads brothers and I sat in this atrium waiting room. They were s'posed to update mom every hour.. I tell you an hour never seemed so long!

I did get all of my payments made.. 1 time I've been thankful for those darned automated calls!

Well it was s'posed to be done about 1 pm..... at 4 they came out to tell us he was in recovery and we could maybe see him in an hour.

Dad didn't wake up till after 6. We stayed there until we could see him, Clint was not handling this well at all.
He decided we need to stay down there another night so I called that hotel back.. no problem we even got the same room.

Oh I haven't mentioned what happened cuz Monday was a holiday.. We get a call at 6 am (good thing I never sleep right) Clint's sister is freaking out cuz moms phone can't call out. (she has 1 of my cell phones)
So I try to call it.. oh great Verizon shut the phones off! Nice thing though is for 1 week you can get calls in and send text messages.
So I text here to relax i will have it taken care of in a few minutes.

I get Verizon on the line and even though I had made my payment on TUESDAY it was too late, I now had to pay off the passed due. UGH! Okay SO I do that, meaning I am gonna short now on the electric bill.. Good thing I couldn't pay them on the phone, and hadn't used the internet while at the hotel!

Then We went back to the VA got to see dad, he was doing very well

Clint still wasn't, so we left for home after lunch, his sisters would be back there at 3.
Got home, to find the electric had been shut off. Oh brother!

Oh and the bed.. Clint couldn't get up off it well. LOL It was still funny to watch him try!
So we moved it all out, put cement blocks under it, got it all back to gether and filled up.

Oh peace at last!

Nope... I was in my room at about 4am playing on Chefville! (bad addiction) I hear the pump kicking in, someone else must be up. Then a bit later I hear it again, so I get up to go check it out.. I am all alone
\so i listen and go back to the kitchen to find one of the copper water lines split. Oh brother!

Geesh did I break a mirror?
Clin'ts dad's younger brother or Clint's younger brother?

You sure have had a very jinxed year. Aren't you glad it's almost over so you can start new? I just hope for you it's not new problems. It's gotta get better, right? I'm amazed you're keeping your sanity.

I'm glad the surgery went well. That's such a long wait. More so when you're 1200 miles away and have to wait by the phone for word. That's what happened to me when my dad has his bypass (he had 7 bypasses). That was back in 1996. Dad is still going as strong as an 83-year-old can.
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