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Originally Posted by jmscoping View Post
who is jealous???

dd2 called in an "anonymous" complaint to the police department today after I left with her sister to go volunteer at the Ronald McDonald House. dad was "supervising" her...

told the cops that i was being abusive and she was going to run away because i didn't let her go see breaking dawn 2 last night and made her stay at home today to do laundry and homework.

i kid you not.

i get to the island and i get a phone call from the police department asking if i have a daughter named dd2... i say yes. i get asked do i know where she is? well, i hope she's at home with her dad - i'm down on the island...

so i try to call home... nobody is answering their cell phones... have to call the neighbors to get dh up from his nap....

dd2 was taking a shower - and when he asked her if she called in.. yep - she's mad at me and wanted to get me in trouble with the cops. (which it didn't)

dh thinks it's funny.

Can you call the officer back and see if they'll talk to her? Mom had a friend (older than me) whose daughter did that a few years ago. Social services came in and investigated (wasn't as obviously spiteful as this case). I know you wouldn't place her with an abusive foster family on purpose, but I have to admit there's a part of me that wishes she could have to volunteer with foster kids who've been through that and be grounded for the rest of the year.

Trust me I have a pretty sick sense of humor but if it were me, I'd be calling someone with either the police and/or CPS for suggestions on how to handle this in a manner that let her know exactly how serious an issue this is--how much money it can waste for taxpayers, and how much it can tear families apart when false reports are made.

E I'm really sorry about that. I'd be furious. And doubly furious at DH for acting as thought it's some sort of hilarious sitcom joke.
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