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who is jealous???

dd2 called in an "anonymous" complaint to the police department today after I left with her sister to go volunteer at the Ronald McDonald House. dad was "supervising" her...

told the cops that i was being abusive and she was going to run away because i didn't let her go see breaking dawn 2 last night and made her stay at home today to do laundry and homework.

i kid you not.

i get to the island and i get a phone call from the police department asking if i have a daughter named dd2... i say yes. i get asked do i know where she is? well, i hope she's at home with her dad - i'm down on the island...

so i try to call home... nobody is answering their cell phones... have to call the neighbors to get dh up from his nap....

dd2 was taking a shower - and when he asked her if she called in.. yep - she's mad at me and wanted to get me in trouble with the cops. (which it didn't)

dh thinks it's funny.

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