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Hooray--made it to the current page! Maybe I'm not all toooooo far behind?

Looks like more photos to look forward to...Ivy's tree, Pat's granddaughter on dance about a pic of Kathy's Diwali card? I just recently heard about Diwali, very interesting...would love to see how you've interpreted that for a card!

Kathy, ooooh, a weekend away! I always enjoy a getaway, with four little ones (as adorable as they are), it must reaaaaallllly be nice!! Hope you are having a great time!

And Pat, our resident traveler, another awesome scrappin weekend! I'm envious, but so happy for you! Have fun!!

Happy to hear that scrap pages are in progress...still looking forward to Kathy's, Angela's, Imke's (yours is being mailed with Jo's?), Heather's (who are you traveling with Heather?). Who else?

Congrats to Ivy on Honor Roll (but I'm not really surprised, she seems to take after her mom who is smart, and a wonderful lady!) And, to Paisley, too for her hunting conquest!

All right, ladies, I have heard HYCCT mentioned here several times, along with the word 'prizes', so it looks like I will just have to check it out! Have not crafted in a few weeks, this sounds like it will be just the thing to get my mojo going again.

Susanne, thanks for the heads up on the Spellbinders sale! Unfortunately the budget just took a major hit, as ol' leadfoot here got a speeding ticket on the way into work on Wednesday night. Usually cops will let a nurse go, especially if she is in her scrubs, with her hospital badge hanging from the rearview mirror, but not this guy! I was passing a truck and Mr. Radar, caught me doing 40 in a 25. I could've sworn it was a 35 zone, but....this puppy is gonna cost me $196! ACCCKKK! So, no new crafty stuff for me for awhile

I'm a paid member here on SCS, too. Have been for almost as long as i discovered this site. I'm like Vickie, the bennies of the "Dirty Dozen" and instant uploading are good, but for a free site, they offer so much that it is worth it to me to pay the not-so-big yearly dues.

Ahhhh, love the "kiddisms"! We, too, still use some of those old babytalk terms, and like Jo, have people look at us funny when we use them. "Jeebs" is a word we use for the littler kids in the family (don't even remember where that came from); "shan-tu" for sandwich thanks to my son; "Eck-knows" is from when I was a little girl. Eck-knows is a dragonfly. When I was little, we were at the beach with my Uncle Ed (Eck) and Aunt Toni, and I saw a dragonfly and wanted to know what it was. Someone said "Eck knows", as Uncle Ed knew all about almost everything, and I thought that's what the name of it was. To this day, everyone in my family calls them "Eck-knows".

Heather, I am having such fun reading all the stories of Claire's newest accomplishments. It's like we are all her honorary aunties, and we get to share in her growing up!

Linda, sorry to hear Denise is not feeling well. Please send my regards, and tell her we are looking forward to her coming back soon!

Tracie, how sweet of you to make dinner for your friend!

I'm like some of you, have stopped doing card swaps (except for our little group). I found I didn't always get a good quality card in return. I used to do some of the challenges on Splitcoast but kinda got away from it. I like the idea of Heather picking a challenge...Sketch Challenges were my favorite here, so I think I will play along. Will we just post our card for the challenge and link it here, also?

I have the weekend off (hooray, 3 in a row, don't know what I will do with myself!)!! We had Daniel for a sleep-over to give mom and dad a break. I really have nothing on the calendar for the next two days, so I am hoping to get some cards made. My sister and my one sis-in-law has requested some of my hand-made for a Christmas gift from me. So far, I have about a dozen made for each of them, but it will be nice to add a few more.

And I have been Christmas shopping, and need to do some wrapping, so maybe I will make a dent in that. House cleaning? Nah, it'll wait. I wanna have fun this weekend!

Can I just say that I really love this group? You are all so supportive of life's ups and downs, it's always great to see lots of positive things shared (like baby's milestone's, kids on Honor Roll and going to dances), talented ladies winning prizes for their creations. We can even vent our frustrations here and know that we will be loved and supported. I am very grateful to call you all "friends" <3!!

Have a great weekend, ladies!

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