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Wowee... the flood gates have opened! Thank you all for your "inputies" "inputses" haha! I am typing on my NEW/Exchanged wireless keyboard-I finally got over to Staples today and dumped the ergonomic headache off to them, used a $10 coupon and Mama is happy again! Oddly enough, I have to reconfigure my brain on typing with this keyboard again (Logitech wave) very nice and "normal" letter "B" or "N" in the outfield! I think that other board must have been made for a man--bigger hands-wider gate...either way, it's long gone.

One thing I noticed when replacing the lil' wireless doodad into the computer slot is...maybe it was that lil' thing (lil' chip thing you plug into your tower) forgot what they are called...the old one was "dead"...does that mean I replaced my entire keyboard because of that lil' wireless chip thing went bad? Oh...lets just keep this amongst ourselves--the old-keyboard is long gone--garbage day today! Live and learn!

I will definitely join this challenge--let me click on it and read the deets--thanks Heather/Vickie/Tracie and whomever else cares to join us!

Vickie--Flonase did absolutely nothing for me except give a burning sensation to the inside of my nostrils! So I am glad your hubby played doctor and let you borrow the good stuff! Is your ear back to good?

Its odd how certain drugs work beautifully and others are duds! I have to have "Tagament" for tummy issues...whereas Zantac does nothing for me! QueenieJo and I have discussed this I guess we are all different when it comes to these crazy meds. I remember my mom used to use Privine-nose drops religiously for a stuffed up nose and a doctor once said--if you use it too much it won't work after awhile because it enlarges the something-something in the nostril and still you end up with a "stuffed nose feeling"...years ago--I forget the facts...but I remember it working--instant clear nose! He suggested she use salt spray or ocean spray--something to wet the interior of her nose! (TMI)? hahaha I go sharing on my new keyboard again! haha

Vickie--I didn't know you were an SU demo person--wow, learning so much in here today--are there also other sites similar to SCS out there? I just happened past this one night while researching a card style...the next I know I signed up for a card swap with Jessica (have to look at my outlook contacts to remember her name) She was so sweet-held my hand on how to participate--followed a lot of her swaps, met Patti...the rest is history!

Today while I had my whopping hour+ car use (Patrick just took it out for the night and Tom's at work)...I stopped into an ol' scrap store I used to go to; Wholly Scraps, NH. They had moved to a new location-I just drove up Route 1 north and happened past it-went in and met the nicest lady "Shari" who is meeting me at AE tomorrow for their sale! haha..She's not the owner of Wholly Scraps-brand new employee! I gave her my biz card and told her about my classes--and for her to spread the word to the owner about my classes too. They were extremely low on papers and supplies-I guess they were just at some craft fair--but at least I bought the green toned Bazzill I have been looking for!

So, that's it from me!
Angela--I bet your house smells delish! No cookin' on Friday here--ate pizza an hour ago...done for the night!
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