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Originally Posted by andora View Post
I am having my first craft fair in December. I am super excited. I am sort of on a test run to see what sells.

Does anyone have a template for the Apron that holds tea bags?

Also, has anyone ever sold Altered Mailboxes?

Where do you get your post-it notes at a good price?

Do you include pens with your decorated composition books? Are they holiday themed or Generic Themed? How much do you sell these for?

If anyone will help out a newbie, I would appreciate it!
Hi Ginger! Good luck to you!! I do love doing the craft fairs. I like to meet people, talk and sell stuff!

The apron template is on here pretty sure. Just search it under the templates and patterns. I know I got one in a swap one time so that one became my template.

I have bought the red mailboxes and then never did a thing with them, so I keep meaning to decorate them up but never get around to it. LOL Lots of people have though so maybe someone else can weigh in.

Post its at a good price....that's a tough one. I usually just watch for sales at Staples or Office Max or wherever but if in a pinch, I just pick them up at Walmart or Sams Club. Sales watching is key to getting those babies affordable!

I dont do composition books but yes, I would include a pen. Any of my post it note holders or mini books always have one of the mini pens with them. I think people like pens as much as anything else. The RSVP pens are good and they can also be decorated to match by opening them up and putting in a rolled up piece of coordinating paper. I would say mostly on those types of items, I make generic vs. holiday. Because they last well beyond christmas I think most people would want one to go all year long. But you could make some mini comp books with the Christmas theme for lists and things like that. Those are always cute! Someone who makes those can weigh in on pricing.

Just remember, have fun!
*Bring a comfy folding chair because a lot of times you are only offered a metal folding chair that can get hard to sit in all day.
*Bring plenty of change....ones and fives especially.
*Bring a book to read or something else to do, like crocheting, that is easy to pick up and put down.
*Bring water and other drinks so you can save money. Lunch too if you dont want to buy from the place you are set up at. We usually buy lunch there at least one of the days to support the cause but bring our own drinks.
*Make sure your display is clean and interesting looking. Uncluttered is important.
*Use matching tableclothes or if using non-matching, make sure they are fun and interesting. I like to use some of my vintage ones where an area might need a bit of color, but on my main tables, I always just use white. I then use wood bowls and bright green plastic bins I picked up at the $ store to put my items in, or just set them out on the tablescloths.
* Go for different heights. This keeps people's interest and makes your display look more dimensional.
*You don't have to put it all out at once if you have made a lot of one item, but remember, you have to be able to get to it easily if you need to grab more. I always put my extra boxes under the tables (make sure your tablecloth is long enough to cover the front of your display so you can do this) and have the extra items right close so I can grab them and not have to dig thru 100 boxes in front of people.
*If you're like me and like to know how something sells, then make an inventory sheet. Do this either when setting up, or well before that. There isn't much time the day of the show to keep inventory. I like to tally after each day if its a 2 day show so I can get an idea of #s for next year.

These are just some of the things I have learned over the years, selling different products at craft shows. It applies to Pampered Chef, tupperware, whatever, as well as papercrafty stuff.
Kelly, Hello Sunshine Studio
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