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Bahb- I am so happy you started this thread. I could have cried about the PTI ink.
I researched and researched for the perfect ink. I went back and fourth with PTI & SU. I finally settled on PTI. Bought all the colors and it was horrible. Nobody seemed to have problems. I thought I was a horrible stamper. A few months later I found out PTI had sucky inks. I could have screamed from a mountain top I was so happy. I now own all of SU's. I ripped out all the bad ink pads from the Palette and now use the cubes to make my own ink.

I was wondering why heat guns don't seem to heat very well any more. When I was a little girl and used to stamp I had a great heat gun. I thought it was me again. Thank you for mentioning this.

I have done everything to love my ATG gun. I am guilty of posting here trying to make the ATG gun better too. After my latest gummy episode and tape coming out wonky I had it. I yanked the tape out and use the tape alone without the gun. I used the tape without the gun before so I don't know why I needed the gun.

Stickles- My grump product. That little nozzle is [email protected]#$%^Z&*(). I make my own Stickles now. I gave my Stickles away.

I do know why all us buy these products. We get caught up in the hype. I love to make my own art tools and I even go "Ooooh, I need that." I buy it and realize I don't need that. Of course a lot of times we can't take it back.

I think as crafters we are so frustrated we spent our precious art money on bad product we try to make it work. I am guilty. I won't do it any more. I realize one day if I don't like my electronic gadgets I trade them for what I do like. Why I am holding on to the ATG gun that I don't like and it doesn't like me. It can go to a good home that it will be loved and love the owner back.

The whole scrap celebrity hurting feelings. Yes, they are people. We know them. A lot of us actually interact with them. I try to remember that these girls and guys are also now a product line. If we don't like their products we need to let them know. I am sure Tim wants to make great products but sorry Tim some of your products suck. Tim knows that and tries to fix them. I mean Gina goes all out for great products and customer service. If I had a product line I would want my customers to return it if the product was bad.
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