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Would you want to return bad stuff to Nicole, Ellen, Gina or any of our other favorite vendors?
This is an attitude that I find really intriguing in our crafting. I don't think most of us would have a problem returning bad stuff to Shopko or Walgreens or Amazon, so why should we have a problem returning bad items to our favorite vendors? And if i purchased a bottle of Walgreens brand nail polish (just as an example) and it was bad - separated, runny, never dried - and I contacted customer service about it and they tried to tell me I was just using it wrong and had 17,000 tips about things that I could do to try to make it work, I'd be pretty bent out of shape. I've used nail polish before; I know how it SHOULD work; I just want my money back and for you to fix the formula or take it off the market. And I'd be doubly bent out of shape if I then posted about my problem online and other nail polish afficiandos jumped all over me because I might hurt Walgreens feelings by saying that their nail polish is crap. And yet, this happens with stamping companies all the time.

Reminds me of a controversy on a different board a while back when some well-known scrap celebrity introduced a line of embellishments that included tape with the days of the week on it - and one of the days was spelled wrong. I was amazed at the number of people who handslapped those who complained about it because they were sure it was "hurting scrapcelebrity's feelings". Umm, it would have hurt my feelings to be stuck with a roll of tape with misspelled Thursdays because the person selling it had such delicate feelings that they couldn't handle that somewhere along the line, a goofy mistake wasn't noticed. (Contrast that with a recent release from Gina K that had a misspelled word. As soon as she found out about it she apologized, and assured everyone that the stamp was being corrected and that anyone who got the misspelled version would be sent a correct one. Class all the way.)

Nicole, Ellen and Gina are businesswomen. Most of us don't know them personally (even though we might like to). And as businesswomen, I would think that they would want to know if what they are selling is not up to snuff, so that they can relay that information to their suppliers.

Now, sometimes, it is a matter of being new to a tool and it having features that you didn't realize. I've showed at least 3 people in real life where to find the envelope template on their Martha Stewart Scoring board, when they didn't know they had one. That wasn't a Martha problem - it's shown on the packaging. That was a problem of someone getting a new toy and needing to play with it immediately, without reading all the information with it first
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