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Default What To Do With Faulty Products

Lately on the Forums I notice many Newbies struggling with products and the Oldsters here chime in with suggestions for making the outcome better. As much as I have admired the helpful response here, I'm reminded of the Pallette debacle at PTI. The ink was just plain bad and it took alot of money wasted by alot of Stampers before PTI would give in and admit yes the ink was plain bad and changing the Stampers' techniques didn't make bad ink better. I'm one of the many who spent the money and got stuck with many pads of bad ink. And now I am stuck with many pads of bad ink from 3 other companies too. The fact is, ink production was sent abroad and the result is watery bad ink. So far I haven't found a brand I cannot say the same thing about.

Heat tools are my latest gripe. The wattage has been reduced so much that you could spend until Easter heat embossing your Christmas cards.

I sent one heat tool back. It cost $8.35 to do that. I had paid $11 to get it delivered in the first place. The credit I got for the tool I sent back was the price of the tool, which was slightly more than the price I was out for the shipping. $19.35 of my hard-earned dollars down the drain.

I recently bought 5 open-stock markers with the dual points. One point on each was totally dry. I haven't ever bought a marker, and I have dozens, that at least one tip wasn't dry and sometimes both have been dry.

The ATG tape I've used for years suddenly is junk. It barely sticks, it gets all gummy, and it rolls so galley-wampum each roll has to be re-threaded at least three times, a big pain in the neck!

The Sticky Stuff I used for gold-leafing suddenly stopped sticking. So I ordered new. That doesn't stick either.

The Stickles I just bought collapse as they dry, making my cards look like a kindergarten project. But another bottle in the same shipment stays perky like in the olden days.

The other day I read here Embossing Powder has a shelf life. For sure
Stazon ink has a shelf life. And I know all adhesives have a shelf life.

So I want to know how we can continue this addiction without going broke trying to find products that haven't exceeded their shelf life and/or turned to junk because their manufacturers have been changed.

It's getting way to expensive to "eat" the bad products that arrive so often lately. And it's way too expensive to return them to the vendor. Besides, it's not the vendors' fault. Would you want to return bad stuff to Nicole, Ellen, Gina or any of our other favorite vendors?

What do you do when you receive bad product?

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