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Maryrose, good luck to you tomorrow! My doctor actually had me not eat or drink after midnight before the surgery, and on a totally clear diet for 24 hours prior to that, so I didn't find the magnesium citrate so bad. I ended up being in surgery much longer than expected, about 6 hours, because my uterus and fibroids were much larger than the ultrasound showed. Of course, the ultrasound they had was taken in Dec. 2011 and they never ordered a more current one. I had had a d&c in January 2012 and an endometrial ablation in March 2012, and the darn things must have still kept growing!! I sure wish I could have went straight to the hysterectomy instead of messing around with the other procedures first. Even with the longer surgical time, I still was only in the hospital one night, and was home by noon the next day. I did not find surgical pain bad at all, I had more problems with my shoulders being terribly sore. For the robotic assisted hysterectomy, I guess they have you in a position that puts pressure on your shoulders, and being in surgery so long, that is the biggest problem I had. Other than that, the day after surgery I was not able to wipe myself after peeing and needed help getting in and out of bed. But the next day I was able to do both. Walking and showering were okay, so overall, I am thrilled to have it over and done with. I'm sorry if this information is tmi for some, but it might help others.
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