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Originally Posted by SophieLaFontaine View Post
Hah! I am used to this. I carry earplugs in my pocket. Those by themselves do not block the offending noise, but if I put them in and THEN hum quietly to myself, THAT blocks the noise. I guess because it's happened more often to me, I don't mind it 'cause I've come to figure that it's the business owner's decision and foul on me for going there a second time. It's also bothered me less since I always have the earplugs with me.

Really though, I use the earplugs much more often for (nice, pleasant, secular) music that is too loud for me.

Also, sometimes when I go over to a stamper's home, the religious radio station might be on, but from living with people with horrible musical tastes, I have trained myself to be able to block out unwanted music (if it doesn't have an overwhelming bass).

Sometimes I read the news on CBN just to compare and see how different the main stories are. Then I look at the littler stories that they carry, and whether my normal news sources are ignoring it. Then I look at which articles CNN is carrying that CBN is ignoring.

I can't handle more than a few moments of the 700 Club without feeling nauseous though.
Well I think it's sad that you have had to train yourself to drown stuff out.

But then again, I take my iPod to the gym because sometimes they are playing that horrible techno music.
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