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Default Keeping an illness a secret

A recent conversation I had with a friend really has me wondering how others feel on this particular subject. If you become moderately to severely ill, is it acceptable to keep your illness a secret from family and friends?

For example, you've been diagnosed with a form of cancer. You decide that you'd prefer not to burden others with the knowledge of your illness unless it becomes necessary to tell them because your ability to hide it is impossible or your mortality is in question. Is this an unacceptable thing to do? Is it disrespectful to your family and friends to keep this knowledge from them? Is it within the bounds of acceptability because it is your body and your health?

I'd be interested to hear any thoughts you have on the subject.

PS...Yes, I am aware there are only two options on the poll. Its important to me and my SCS research that folks pick one answer that best matches their feelings. I realize that some might have more conditions on when the secret might be acceptable, but basically I'm just wondering if everyone thinks family and close friends have a right to know our health business simply because they love us.
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