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[QUOTE=dianneo;19794705]I go to craft shows regularly and have sold at them on and off for over 20 years. Here's some things to keep in mind:

"8. This one is going to be VERY controversial. I may get hate mail over it. I LOVE making paper crafts. But I don't like making things that are just going to be looked at, wrappers opened, and tossed. Do I really want to dress up a candy bar and triple or quadruple the price to make money? Does that show my talent or creativity? The craft needs to evolve. Make some of the pictures with different designs or larger framed pieces. Or banners or pennants that can be used over and over. You can do amazing things with paper! That adorable Santa you wrapped a candy bar up as could be in a frame or ornament instead and used year after year instead of tossed. You can increase your price for the item and it'll last a lot longer than the memory of eating the candy bar."

This is NOT hate mail. I love to make the 'disposable' items. I sell tons, I can make them very quickly, and I use them for my own stocking stuffers. I think since my first craft I did was cake decorating, I am used to my creations lasting a short time! I don't disagree with your point, I just like the simple paper candy treats. Perhaps when I am more confident in my mini scrapbook albums, and have more ready, that is what I will sell. But for now, I am making a lot of money dressing candy bars. I will admit that you have to sell more $2.50 items to make money than if you are selling $20.00 items. And, I have seen many of the candy treats such as Reindeer Poop in the retail stores- they are using the craft fair ideas and can sell them cheaper. So we all will have to evolve. But for right now it works for me.

Thanks for all your tips, I wish I had this advice last year when I started doing craft fairs!

God Bless,

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