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Gina - I'm glad you are safe and sound and didn't get too destroyed in that storm. I watched it from my home in Wisconsin and was just amazed at what was going on. We had flooding here in our area in June and it was horrible, but no way near what happened in your area. But its scary and costly and very overwhelming.

We lost power during one of our storms in June and you forget how much you rely on electricity. Everything I tried to do I needed power for it. My brain was just not working. I thought about watching tv, oh yeah no power. Then I thought, well I'll just put in a dvd then - ummm still no power. Even crafting was hard - I kept turning on my light and wondering why it wouldn't work! Duh!

I thought about the trick or treaters out there - kids get so excited for that day and to have it not happen is tough on them. But they will get their candy, just later.

Where my daughter lives in WI they do trick/treating the Sunday before - during a set time. I like that idea, its during the day, you (usually) aren't hurrying home to get a kid ready or to pass out candy, we the candy givers can see the kids costumes. But we tried that where I live and it didn't go over well. People complained that it wasn't on the set day, and then we had tons more kids - we are on the border for MN and had lots of MN cars coming down our street with kids. I don't know if they 'double dipped' since they didn't change their day or if they just liked the idea. But we gave away loads of candy that year. And then they didn't do it like that again.

Oh well, I hope everyone is getting ready for their sales. I have another one this Saturday and I'm restocking some items. I should have worked harder earlier this week on stuff but I just kind of ran out of energy to do it. But I'll get it done, one way or another. This one is a good sale for me, lots of people and vendors and they actually spend money at the sales! Good luck everyone!
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