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Have not checked in for a long time. Too much to say as to what has been going on, but the short version is: my youngest son has been sick since last February, and now will need another surgery. Five months ago, we thought they solved the problem, but we have another one connected to the old problem. And he will need yet, another test, before they really know what is causing the problem.
I was told on Father's day weekend to call hospice in for my dad. They gave him six months to live, he went downhill so fast. The called me to the hospital one Sunday this past August. Told me he was getting worse. I told him he could go home--if that is what he wanted. I told him I would be with him, and I would take care of mom. It would be alright. He died approx. nine hours later, he finally slipped into a comfortable sleep from the morphine. I tried to get him last rites, but being a Sunday, the hospital clergy were all out, my church couldn't send anyone. I cried and prayed before he died that God would call him home, I cried and prayed after he died that he would be with God and in peace. I had to tell my mom as she walked into his room to see him, that he had passed away while she was on her way to the hospital. I beleive he did not want to put her through the difficutly of watching him die. He knew somehow, that I could handle it. But I am having a hard time not having my dad anymore. I am requesting prayers for my mom, she and dad were married 59 years, and she is having a very hard time. Not only from the emotional upheaval, but a financial one as well. She is slipping into a depression, I can see it, from all the worries she has with paying for the funeral, bills, and everyday things. I know prayer is a powerful thing, and I have requested prayers before, and they are heard. Could all of you pray for mom? That God sends her strength and patience. I know things will improve in time with the finances, but I worry about her and the emotional side of being without my dad.
Also, everyone had prayed for my friend's son, who was in a horrific MVA over a year ago. It was bad, they didn't expect him to live. The last update I gave was he was doing well. Well, he is still in rehab, but he is walking with a walker, speaking much, much better than a few months ago, can feed himself. Can move around in his wheelchair. The progress is constent, and he will go even further---and I beleive that is because he had so very many people praying for him. I beleive he is a miracle.
May God bless you all, and I will keep you all in my prayers tonight. Thank you, Meemaws girl
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