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My husband and I sort of stopped believing around the same time. I don't know if either of us stopped believing first. Does your husband understand WHY you don't believe anymore? I know that, for me, I still listen to Catholic Radio on Sirius and DH rides me for that. I listen though, not because I am looking for guidance or anything but it's something that is still part of my "makeup". Sometimes I argue with the raido! Are the reasons for your non belief due to life experience? Science? Maybe if you discussed the why's of it and go back and forth a little it might help him to see your side. I think it might be good to discuss politics and religion as long as both of you know to be respectful. If you lose that, it might not work. This is probably not what you want to hear but, again this is just ME, when I am in a "debate" with a religious person I sort of lose respect for them when their argument does not hold up. I think they KNOW it does not hold up but are afraid to admit it and that makes it hard for me to really respect their view. Having a family that is involved in the church must have made it very hard for you to actually tell your husband and I think that took alot of courage...good for you for standing up for what you believe! I don't know what church you belong to...some are harder to leave than others. Religion was never a large part of my relationship with my husband so when we "lost" it, there was really no void or anything like that, we just go on with our lives. Sounds like church is very much a part of your families relationship so that is where I can't relate and can't really advise. I would hate to say the wrong thing...ya know? Curious to hear what others say...there are some great people in this section of the message board and I am glad you found your way over to this thread!!!
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