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WHY can't they let at least one couple be happy?

Once AGAIN I detest miscarriages and losing children dictating a storyline.

Phyllis is once again a "garden tool".

WHY can't she solve any problem OUT of bed(or couch,floor,desk,elevator,car)?

Not sure the new Summer(actress)is any better than the old one.

I still think Fin needs to be recast.

Did Chole and Kevin lock Delhia(sp) in a closet somewhere?

The BUG needs to go away.

What is Eden's purpose other than trying to remember the night Ricky died?

NOT sure how I feel about Nick and Avery. She should know he will go back to Phyllis or Sharon with his tail between his legs.

Haven't watched today so I don't know Summer's reaction to Chelsey.

I am wondering about the actress who plays Nikki. I have notice she has stumbled a few times and is holding on going up and down steps. Hope she is okay.

NOT missing the Winters at all. They can just all move away.

I am LOVING and HATING Tucker at the same time. He is awful but he is troubled and deep down good(I think).

Hoping Adam DOES NOT try to get baby John. Not sure he legally could.

I need a life....LOL
"Lord,if you cain't forgive me all my sins,just don't remember them too good,no." "Thank you,Amen"
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