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Originally Posted by dottiejdavis View Post
Been following the questions about using a Mac with the card making hobby. I love my Mac so much so that if there was a fire it wouldn't be my sewing machine I would grab it would be my Mac! LOL. All kidding aside, I prefer this Mac HANDS DOWN to any PC. There are so few issues to deal with compared to a PC. But, I have had trouble trying to figure out how to upload pics from my camera to the Mac and then on up to SCS. I guess its easy but I just don't do it enough to give advice. Another thing is when I bought the DVD from Crafty Secrets I had a real hard time adjusting the size to print. They use PhotoShop but I don't think the standard Mac has that loaded. May be wrong here but I don't think so. Therefore my question to Barbara Jay is this: my Mac is 4 years old, Snow Leopard, and are you aware of a program on it to do color adjustments and sizing etc. etc.? I know, I know, I should call Mac but ahhhhh I just don't wanna talk to some guy about this unless its absolutely necessary. LIke I said, I don't spend a lot of time on the computer trying to figure everything out. Rather be cleaning, or in art room or eating chocolate. LOL. Thanks.

I am running Snow leopard too
I use a card reader to upload pictures from my camera to the computer. It saves on the battery

This is the one I have Kingston 19-in-1 USB 2.0 Flash Memory Card Reader FCR-HS219/1: Computers & Accessories

You just plug the card reader USB cable into a port on you computer and insert the SD card from you camera. My camera is a Canon Power Shot and has on screen prompts when it detects a picture.

Caution ! When you finish using the card reader be sure to click on it on your Desktop and then go to File to eject it, or you could lose pictures

As far as reducing font I always drag and drop things into pages and resize things there.

I have never used it but there are a ton of photo editing features in iPhoto which is included with the operating system. Just bring up a picture and look at the bottom of the screen for all the features. There is one to enhance the colors or change the contrast . The only feature I have used once in iPhoto is to crop a picture.

I don't know how to do photo editing so my card go into the gallery just as they come out of my camera

My goal for the near future is to learn to do some limited photo editing

My daughter is very involved in Photography and has a super-dooper expensive Adobe Suite for photo editing. She told me she was surprised at all the valuable features in iPhoto
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