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Originally Posted by JBgreendawn View Post
oh they are trying to outlaw the plastic sacks here so paper is available ( but, this is Oregon... )

the bring your bags back kind are harder to use, I have some... but, If I take them they over fill them then the seams rip off at the handles and you lose your groceries. so. I don't use mine anymore. because, at my fav. store if you use those they give you a nickle off your bill. and I would tell them. do NOT over fill these bags, I don't care about the nickle... and they would try to cram everything I bought into one bag no matter what.
There are groups trying to outlaw plastic sacks here too. Most stores here now (and I do mean most stores, not just grocery stores) charge you a nickel per bag. Every grocery chain, and many other chain stores as well, have their own line of re-usable bags. Many of them are very sturdy and hold a very surprising amount. I've packed more stuff in them than I thought possible and never had a bag rip. I have a bunch that I got at the luggage store which fold up into little 4x4 pouches about 1/4-1/2 an inch thick. I take a bunch in my grocery cart if I grocery shopping, but I nearly always carry one or two in my purse so I have them handy if I stop somewhere on the way home from work or whatever. I would say the vast majority of people here now do re-usable sacks the majority of the time. They even have special re-usable mesh sacks you can buy to use in place of the smaller plastic ones in the produce department. And a lot of the times you do see people with plastic, it is often the person with just one small bag that is pretty obviously stopping for something quick on the way home from work.
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