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I have owned a Mac for years . I did have a PC many years ago, but I am not up on the features of the new Windows operating systems and what is included in them.
On a Mac there are a lot of programs built into the operating system that are used in Graphic design or related projects. If I recall on my PC I had to download programs that are already installed on a MAC

For example if you want to open a PDF on a PC you need to download Adobe reader. On a Mac a PDF reader is included in the operating system. It opens in a program called Preview.
If you want to create a PDF it is also included in the operating system. You bring up the file you want to be formatted as a PDF. Click print ( yes print) and on the lower left side of the print screen it says PDF. There is a drop down menu that has among other choices " save as a PDF" Click that and the document will be saved as a PDF on your desktop. Then just file it or send it where ever you want to.

There are other programs in the operating system of a Mac to open and use other file extensions used mainly in graphic work.

You need to buy some graphic programs for a Mac but the basic ones are included in the operating system.

A good basic book for using a Mac is called the "Missing Manual". There is a version for each operating system. Do you know which operating system is installed on your Mac?
If you don't know go to the Apple icon ( with the bite out of it) at the very top left of your screen and click on it Then click "About this Mac" and it will tell you which operating system you have installed.

It will only show it as OS X 10.6 or such not the name we give it. So OS X 10.5 would be Leopard-- OS X 10.6 would be Snow Leopard-- OS X 10.7 would be Lion and OS X 10.8 would be Mountain Lion. The Missing Manual book titles use the names and the OS X number of the Operating Systems .
I doubt your operating system is older than Leopard, but if it is let me know the number and I will tell you the name of it.

There is also a wealth of information for how to use a Mac on the site .

Hope this helps
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