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Originally Posted by lylacfey View Post
Paige, thank you! You made my day. I try to be fair. I had my barking moments and melt down too over the years. I have always said owning a die cutter is like owning a sewing machine. You have to buy the one that best fits your personality. Cricut fills a lot of niches for a lot of people.

The one big mistake PC did was they made the Cricut community into a family. Then they hurt their family. Now, they are trying to make it into a company. I do like the new CEO's approach. I don't expect him to understand the level of family that PC created. Poor man was at Logitech at the time, lol. A lot of Cricut users do love their machines and are so happy with them. A lot of us do take what PC has done personally and are really hurt by it. This is a company that went to CHA and has a big dinner ball. They have the Circle where many of the members are close to each other. This is a company that has cruises. Then they turn around and do all these screwy things. It's psychology 101 that the customers are going to feel part of a community with PC. It is understandable when PC turns like the mean drunk uncle at your wedding party your going to be extremely hurt and upset.

The Cricut itself is a great machine and a little workhorse. The cartridges are gorgeous even the little kiddie ones, lol. It's a fun machine to work with. I want the Cricut to stay in the market. If I had the money I would buy PC, seriously. My first thing I would do is bring the Coluzzle back, lol.
Vote for DeeAnn, runner up Pedro! lol She will correct PC issues haha

Honestly with anything that is made and designed with mans hands is not going to be perfect, only God can do that, and knowing that helps me ahead of time before I even buy something not to expect perfection.I know that there will be quirks or cattywompuses (heehee new word for dictionary) and will just have to work through it or not have it. And do a lot of research and know what types of problems to expect and then I'm not so =:0 over it. lol
btw- I made a card with my new Ultimate cartridge if you want to look at it. I love that cart!! I still need to make more thank you cards and a baby card. So much going on it's hard to get things done!
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