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Originally Posted by sewnmachine View Post
Has anyone tried to log into the Cricut site (community) message board today? I was on earlier and now it's mysteriously unavailable.
I know there was a lot of drama on the board last weekend. In fact one of my posts got deleted because I mentioned a "competitors product". A guy had just bought his wife a Cricut and he was fuming mad because he thought he could create and cut his own designs. I suggested he might want to look at the cameo silhouette as that might be more in line with what he wanted..... and pooph! My post was deleted.

But besides that there were several women that were extremely upset because because Provo Craft updates keep killing their machines - particularly the Imagine. And they were NOT happy.

Some company fellow named Nathan came on the board and tried to calm everyone down, but it really didn't have much effect.

Anyway, I just thought it was interesting that now the entire board is down. Could be a fluke, or something more sinister coming from Provo Craft.
Sewn- Your a braver woman than I am. I can't do that MB any more. I am not myself and become a mean girl. I am not a mean girl. I know your not either. Those women can push you to the brink. I literally get depressed going over there. I think they should take the MB down. I think it doesn't help Cricut's image at all. It's just not the same fun place we loved so much back in the day. I miss those days.

I just don't get it they allow the fighting but take down posts over a simple question. It's not like you went over there with pom's pom's telling the guy the Cricut was a horrible product. I know you wouldn't do that. You just told him it was not the right machine for his needs and gave him a direction to go.

I have ran a couple of forums. If you pulled a mean girl fight on my forum you got one warning and then you were gone. That is that. I don't know why PC runs the forum like they do. It's like they enjoy reading all the bad things about themselves and enjoy the bad press. My DH said they are probably waiting for PC to fold up so they can collect huge severance package, lol. He was joking but I keep thinking that is why, lol.

I hate PC's updates. I have always said that those updates were lobotomizing our machines. I have been lucky with the Gypsy. I swear the last update caused my Imagine to overwork and throw a screw threw my machine causing several of the wires to be severed. Luckily I have a die cutter repairman in my life. He's my DH. I do think the Imagine is gone. The wires are fixed but now my machine prints but does not cut. I am not using CCR. I am not updating again.

Well, I just sound like a grump, lol. I don't feel good. I still like the Cricut products. I just don't trust PC and Adobe Air.

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