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Originally Posted by Arizona View Post
It appears that way according to how the Silhouette FAQs are written. I'm wondering now if it is worth the upgrade to a Cameo just for a 12 inch cutting surface. I was looking at upgrading to a zing, but changed my mind when discussions on various blogs made it appear the Cameo had a greater cutting force than the SD. Also, Why would they bother coming out with the portrait. Why not just continue offering the SD. If the portrait also has the same cutting force as the SD, and the SD can take advantage of the new longer blade, then the Portrait is a lesser machine by way of fewer features since it does not accept SD cards and lacks an LCD.
I have a migraine and not feeling to good. If I sound grumpy early apologies. I don't know if this will help but the KNK Zine is at 750 gsm. That is like three time the amount of the Cameo.

Here's the specs- KNK Zing - KNKUSA.COM :: KNKUSA.COM

In some of my posts over here I wrote the Zing was at 500 gsm. I was wrong. I think I got it bumbled when all the newer machines made the influx at CHA. Information overload, lol. I don't have a Zing. I think KNK machines are great. I have always liked them.

I keep hearing from other blogs and forums too that the Cameo is at 330gsm. Silhouette says it's at 210gsm. This is my own personal observation after owning several Graphtec machines. I can't figure out how the Cameo is at 330gsm. It's so light and fragile. I keep thinking anything heavy goes in that machine it will blow up. I have a Gazelle at 500gsm and it's also very light but it's all metal and designed for heavy duty cutting. The Cameo looks like it's designed to be a vinyl cutter.

I really do understand why everyone is trying different materials in it since the Cameo was one of the most affordable options after PC stopped MTC and SCAL. I remember when all of us early Cricut users bought our Cricut's we were sticking all sorts of material in it too, lol.

The Silhouette SD taking different materials due to the longer blade. I want to say yes too. I remember clearly the girls over at the Yahoo board buying aluminum blade holders for their SD's & Wishblade to cut chipboard. It used to be a popular topic. I was going to buy the blade holder but decided on the Gazelle instead for heavy cutting.
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