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I thought tonight was the finale. Now I have to wait a whole 'nother week.

I can't believe some of the outfits that were sent down the runway tonight. Apparently they didn't understand that they needed to send down their BEST items, not "save" them for Fashion Week.

Christopher especially--really? Two outfits that consist of short-shorts and a t-shirt (basically). What's fashionable about that? He should have worked harder to fit his models with some of his other outfits, especially the evening gown with the layers of colors. I did like the color and style of his print--the designers on this show haven't shown us much print and that's one of the easiest ways to get a wow factor.

Melissa: needs to incorporate more color into her outfits. But obviously the judges love her because her clothes are "hip." I'm glad they said something to her about the bad wigs. They were a mess.

Dimitry: Border-line costume/avant garde. Some of his pieces were more avant garde than the outfit he made for the avant garde challenge! And too many sheer tops. His clothes are well made, yes, but to me they say, "I'm trying too hard." He'd make a great designer for Frederick's of Hollywood.

Fabio: Oy. For some reasons the judges are really impressed with his work, but I just don't see it. The pieces DO look cheap, the fabric looks like those thin t-shirts you can get for less than $10. The outfits look slouchy; they look like the things you wear around the house when you haven't taken a shower and don't plan to go anywhere. And those shoes with the wonky laces? Give me a break. It looked like Frankenstein tried to tie his own shoes with one arm tied behind his back. Of course, this probably all means that he'll be the final winner. lol

Now a question: Don't they normally throw a last-minute challenge at them during this episode, to make another look to go with their collection? It wouldn't make sense for them to do that next week, since all four have been told that they'll be showing at Fashion Week.
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