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I had a very complicated surgery. After 2 mastectomies, there were a lot of skin death. When I had the Tram Flap surgery - where they cut you from hip to hip and move attached muscle up to form a breast - that failed and the muscle fell and the skin started to die. On the other side there was concern of more cancer so the back chest wall that had to be looked at. So everything was removed, chest wall scraped and the DRs tried to do replacement surgery. One side may have worked but the other R side he struggled on for hours because of the muscle there (which he cut out) and dying skin. He said he could hear the skin crackling as he stitched it. My surgery lasted way too long and as Mark stated I stopped breathing several times and my heart beat kept falling and my BP was out of control.

I married the most wonderful man in the world 44 years ago. As many physical problems he has, he stayed over night in the hospital with me after a very difficult surgery and was there to help me move or reach things thru a terrible night. He even held the pan for my dry heaves. Better than any nurse. I could reach over and he was there right beside the bed. Love him more today than ever. I am home and the pain is intense, but I am no longer shaky or nauseaus.

He is facing his own battle right now with internal bleeding from an unknwon source, breathing problems, severe anemia and so much more. Shortly he will undergo many tests to try and help him. They were afraid to go inside last week with the endoscopy as it would have started too much bleeding. He has what is called a 'Water melon" stomach that is full of lesions and will bleed when touch by anything. Getting units of blood doesn't seem to help him.

We have out hands full. Rs, I worry about you too and Butch. Take care as best you can and never give up hope.

Sorry if there are spelling errors. I don't have the energy to go back and re-read this. Thanks for the caring everyone. It means a lot.
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