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Originally Posted by buggainok View Post
Dianne, I understand that everyone has their favorite paper, but I wonder about your comment that the "weight is moderate" on the Sam's paper? It says that it is 110 lbs, which is as heavy as a lot of the more expensive cardstock.
Not all 110 pound papers are equal.

110 pound is called the "basis weight" for the paper. Here's a definition:
Basis Weight
The basis weight of a paper is the designated fixed weight of 500 sheets,
measured in pounds, in that paper's basic sheet size.
It is important to note that the "basic sheet size" is not the same
for all types of paper.

Here's sheet sizes for a few types of paper:
Tag stock: 24x36 inches
Index stock: 25.5x30.5 inches
Cover stock: 20x26 inches

Do you see how tag stock is thinner than cover stock, since the weight of 500 sheets is the same (assuming 110 pound for each) but the sheet size is smallest in cover stock?

So, 110 pound cover is thicker than 110 pound index, which is thicker than 110 pound tag. BTW, cardstock is a generic term for all these types of papers.

Another factor figuring into the equation is how much compression is used when rolling. Higher compression gives a harder, stiffer paper, while lower compression gives a softer feel.

So, since I use 110 pound cover for my card bases, they are stiffer than the GP 110 pound papers which are index weight. The index is thinner because the same amount of pulp was rolled into a larger sheet.

It would be easier to compare papers if we rated them like they do in Europe by expressing weight as grams per square meter (of a single sheet). If you compare the papers above by using the weights in grams per square meter, you discover that:
100 pound tag = 90 pound index = 60 pound cover 110 pound cover would be approximately equal to about 185 pound index stock.

I hope that is clearer than mud.
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