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I agree with you Diane. I have lots of different things on my table too. Sometimes I think its too much (and sometimes it probably is) but you never know what people will like and buy. I try to have at least 10 different items, but it usually ends up way more than that. Mainly because I see things kind of last minute that I think are cool and want to try to sell.

When I have sold cards, they were about $2 per card. And I kept them fairly simple too. I won't pay $5 for a card, I don't care what it looks like. Most of the people I give them to (except my sisters) toss them anyway. And I would never give one that pricey to one of the kids in my family. I don't want to go all crazy on them when they tear the card open to get to the cash!! I figure if I won't pay $5 for a card, I don't expect others to. And I'm not saying some cards are worth that, they certainly are. And some will buy them at that price.

some things on my table never change - like my coaster calendars. The paper and colors change but the layout/format don't. But my gift card holders change if I can find new patterns. last year I made the ones that looked like presents and they were a big hit - but they took a bit of time to do (and a lot of punching!). This year's are made with top die note as well as two other patterns. I try to do one that is pretty simple too.

My tags change every year too with punches and stamps that I use.

Last year I started a book for my sales where I jotted down notes on what sold, what I needed to make more of, what didn't sell, what I sold things for. This year I'm going to add pictures of what I made and where I found the pattern (because I NEVER can find the patterns that I use for certain things when I need them!). That was very helpful.

But have fun with whatever you make. If you aren't having fun making it then it isn't worth doing it. And chat up the customers. I'm not that type of person generally but at the sales you can be whoever you want to me. I have fun with them. And every once in a while for the cutest kids that come by (which they are all to me) I give them something, a candy stick or something that they want and mom/dad won't buy for them. If its around $1 that is. Why not. I don't give too much away, just a few things, but I like kids. One year I gave Girl Scouts some composition notebooks they kept coming by to look at for helping me load up the stuff to take home (I absolutely hate that part of the sales, loading and unloading!). I figured we were both winning on that one.
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