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Originally Posted by DawnMaries View Post
Howdy all! Long day again! Luckily A is home to help woth the driving situation tonight! But I do have an issue, cant find my store showcase keys! Ugh I will have to go and search the PTO office in the morning!
Glad A is home to help. Hope you find/found your keys!

And congrats to H for getting her permit!

Originally Posted by shari stamper View Post
Whoa. A went out to 'make friends' with some of the neighbor kids. The 'boy' neighbor kids. She told me that they might ring the doorbell tomorrow. She then said, "in order for it to be easier, I kinda changed my name a little. I'm sick of having to reexplain to everyone that yes, A is a girl name. I told them my name was Adam.". I'm not sure how to feel about this...
{{{hugs}}} I don't know what to say or how I would feel either.

Originally Posted by shari stamper View Post
I have quite a few thoughts about it...I can totally understand her frustration about having to reexplain that she's a girl...I have my girls' photos on my ID and I have to tell every single person (kid and adult, that YES that is my daughter), so I totally get why she's fried with having to retell it. I'm sad that she lied, as I/want her to be proud of who she is. And yes, Em, be honest up front.
This.... and it would be so hard to explain over and over. I think the honesty up front is the best way. But she is just a little girl and that is a tough concept to grasp.
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