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I only pick up my mail a couple of times a week. Thursday afternoon my Dad came to pick me up to once again take me to an appointment at the surgeon's. He went down ahead of me so he could stop and get my mail. Several minutes later, when I got to the 1st floor, I got out of the elevator and I could see him down the hall in the front lobby. I said to him 'Dad, we're going to be late. What the heck are you doing in there?' He replied "Just getting all your mail." It looked like he was having a little struggle and trying to keep something from falling out of it. I asked him if he needed me to come there to help him. He said "No, I got it all." I thought to myself 'All?' Then he came walking toward me with a tall stack of envelopes. I started laughing and I said to him 'OMGosh, Dad! The mailman must have mistakenly put everybody's mail in my box! That's not all mine!' He assured me they were all addressed to me. I shook my head and said to him 'There is no way that is all my mail! I don't have near that many credit cards or friends!' and laughed. He laughed too and said "Nope, they're all yours." I was baffled. I took the stack and started flipping through them. I said to Dad 'They sure do have my name on them but I don't know anybody in Ontario CN. And look at these from different towns in OH, SC, NY, MI, CA, OH, FL, MO, CA, AZ, CA again, CN again ... what the heck?' Then it dawned on me. I looked at him and exclaimed 'OMGosh, Dad! I bet that Snickerdoodle Doo (Cindy/Mudder) send a secret (from me) email to tell the TPT gals I needed some get well wishes!' Of course he had no clue what a TPT gal or a Snickerdoodle Doo was, so he just smiled to appease me. Hee! I said 'I can't believe it!' He took the envelopes and put them in the bag he was carrying and said "We have to go or you're going to be late for your appointment." We scurried off to the appointment. We got to my parent's house an hour later. When we got there I told my Mom about the envelopes and showed her the stack. She said "Wow!" I sat down with them to open them all and then my Mom said "Ummm, one thing ... what did the surgeon say?" I laughed and said 'OMGosh, I was so excited about the envelopes, I forgot to tell you!' I guess at the moment, opening the envelopes was more exciting than telling her I got the long line of pulling, poking stitches out! Hee! How wonderful that I was able to share opening the wonderful cards with my parents. They were smiling and "oohing" and "ahhing" as much as me. Okay, well mostly me and Mom were doing the "oohing" and "ahhing" but Dad did say how thoughtful "the ladies" were and how nice the cards were!

SO ... a longer story shorter ... THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! I couldn't have received the pile of cards on a better day! In addition to receiving all of your encouraging, kind words, I received a positive report from the surgeon! So far, so good. I have been blessed in that my body has, for the most part, tolerated a drug, which class I have had volatile reactions to in the past, and that my wounds are moreso healed than the surgeon, with my long list of other illnesses, thought could be. Both blessings for which I am humbly grateful. It's now a waiting game to see if this last resort, the radical srugery + medicine, completely rid my chest of the "bad bug," or not. I hope, like those commercials for Mucinex where the green blobs of mucus are banished by the medicine, my "bad bug" was banished by the surgery and medicine! Hee! Only time will tell.

Again, thank you, thank you, thank you! Oh, one thing ... instead of trying to go back to catch up on the TPT comments I may have missed the last three or four months since I had this "bad bug," I decided that it would be better for me to go forward! Hope you all understand. I also thank you for leaving the kind comments on my cards, that you do. I know my cards are sometimes a little "out there" or "what??" but so am I ... but in a good way! Hee! Speaking of which ... I'm outta here!

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