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Default ***Postal*** PAT 24 Swap due 1-31-13***

***New & Open*** PAT 24 Swap due 1-18-13***

Two dozen Rounds of PATs - can you believe it?

Pick-a-Theme is grouped, each group consists of five members. When you sign up for a spot in a group, you pick your theme. You will then make a card for each of the four other members of your group in their chosen themes and in return, they will each make a card for you in your chosen theme.

1. All cards MUST be 2 1/2 by 3 1/2 inches. Thatís a hard and fast rule of ATCís.

2. There must be at least two layers of heavy card stock or watercolor paper.

3. No vender requirements. No technique requirements. Use at least one embellishment. And, of course, do your best work. PAT swappers tend to make some of the best cards out there.

4. Each card must be unique. You can not make the same card for two different people even if the themes are similar.

5. Regarding handwriting on cards: Unless you are a calligrapher or skilled at drawing fonts, if you donít have a stamp that meets your need for text, a computer generated phrase or a word or phrase cut from a magazine or DP is generally preferable to handwriting on an ATC.

6 . Please sign your cards! People like to know who to compliment and thank! At a minimum, please include the Group # and Theme, and your SCS Name on the back of the card. Any other information you would like to include is also welcome.

7. You will be placed in groups on a first come first serve basis and I will do my best to accomodate your requests for groups.


Due: January 31th, 2013.

Please Note: Each swap position has an individually selected theme, so in this type of swap there are NO ANGELS and NO SUBSTITUTIONS so please keep that in mind when you sign up. FLAKERS will be reported to moderators and will not be welcome in further swaps. Newcomers are EXTREMELY welcome however I ask that they only sign up for a maximum of 2 spots for their first time around. Be fair to your fellow swappers, mail on time and if real life happens, please let me know ASAP.

***In the event of a flaker situation, the hostess will swap out cards intended for the missing player. You might receive a card that wasn't your chosen topic, but you will receive your full allotment of cards for each spot you take.***

Mailing: Please send your cards in a baggie and include a self-addressed stamped envelope for cards to be returned to you. The amount of postage on your SASE should be at least the same amount that it takes to mail your cards to me and you need to use US postage stamps. NO meter strips or Click N Ship labels, and NO foreign postage please.

Include additional postage in case the cards coming back to you are heavier than the ones you send to me. Extra postage will be returned if not used. Canadian and non-USA participants may include US currency in lieu of postage.

PM me for the mailing address when you are ready to send. Have fun!

R=Received from swapper

Group #1 FULL

1. SybilMcC - Godey's Fashions
2. lakelivin - Moulin Rouge
3. prairiejen - Eric Carle (children's books)
4. CandyHaz - Too many shoes
5. BonnieBeth - Women's Hats

Group #2 FULL

1. lakelivin - Zombies
2. prairiejen - Cult classic movies ( e.g. Attack of the 50 Ft. woman)
3. BonnieBeth - Oops!
4. ajmac - Cursed Objects
5. parknslide - what she'd do for a Klondike bar

Group #3 FULL

1. normat - Things With Strings
2. lakelivin - Sons of Anarchy
3. prairiejen - Your favorite super hero
4. BonnieBeth - Betty Boop
5. ajmac - The Disney Character You Most Resemble

Group #4 FULL

1. prairiejen - Soccer ( preferably pro teams )
2. CandyHaz - Superstitions
3. LabradorDork - Girl Scouts
4. terrie.mcnulty - Bumblebees
5. KOneill - creepy Halloween

Group #5 VINTAGE #1 FULL

1. SybilMcC - vintage photos
2. LabradorDork - vintage pin-ups
3. Lakelivin - Vintage Underwear
4. prairiejen - Vintage Nursery Rhyme
5. CandyHaz - Vintage Holiday

Group #6 FULL

1. normat - Blowing In the Wind
2. SybilMcC - Stained Glass
3. BonnieBeth - shoes
4. mrslaporte - The Little Engine that Could
5. parknslide - what big eyes you have!

Group #7 TECHNIQUES You want to receive

1. LabradorDork - Make it sparkle!
2. ajmac - Shaped ATC
3. mrslaporte - Embellish with button(s)
4. Cloudia - make it move
5. Jabauer - chunky

Group #8 TECHNIQUES You want to use FULL

1. LabradorDork - Triptych
2. QueenofInkland - triple stamping
3. ajmac - Shaped ATC
4. Cloudia - Make it Move
5. Jmaraul - TBD

Group #9 FULL

1. normat - Sunbaked
2. mrslaporte - Hedgehogs
3. Cloudia - Cat-astrophy
4. KOneill - Tim Holtz-like
5. gottaproduce - "Serenity by the sea"

Group #10 VINTAGE #2

1. lakelivin - Vintage Advertising
2. ajmac - Vintage Mediums
3. parknslide - Vintage Purses
4. Cloudia - Vintage Hairstyles
5. gottaproduce - Vintage Children

Group #11 FULL

1. KOneill - chunky purple and black
2. LabradorDork - "I painted that..."
3. Jabauer - Norman Rockwell
4. terrie.mcnulty - Zen/Buddhist sayings
5. stampingout - travel

Group #12

1. LabradorDork - ferrets
2. terrie.mcnulty - First Ladies
3. PookieStats - oriental
4. BettyinMissouri - shabby chic angeled
5. KOneill - anatomy

Group #13 - TECHNIQUES You want to use #2 FULL

1. QueenofInkland - TBD
2. Jabauer - TBD
3. terrie.mcnulty - UTEE
4. parknslide - Iris Fold
5. Jmaraul - TBD


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