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Originally Posted by laurlynn View Post
I know, I just have to vent here instead of directly at him. He's been behind on homework again. Is he not listening at school or what?! Trying to get him to use the school provided planner, but it's not there yet. He's participating in this 3 yr survey at school and has received two Target gift cards so far that he wants to run out and spend. I said get caught up on homework and we'll see. He replies, "I earned these so I can spend them." I reply, "yes you earned them but you haven't earned the right to spend them." He also wants to save for an ipod but no, let's hurry up and spend the money elsewhere. Oh, I'm SO unfair...
Well, you can tell him that when your friend (moi!) was young - one did not get to do ANYTHING (other than eat dinner with the family if you weren't done yet) after school until homework was done. One had to sit and do homework and did not get to play, watch tv, read, go outdoors, play computer or video games or basically do anything EXCEPT homework until the homework was done. And when I was in highschool and had a heavy courseload, that sometimes meant I came home at 3, and except for dinner, did homework until 9 or 10pm (thankfully, that was only one year - grade 11. And my parents were not in agreement with the crazy workload and would sometimes send me down to the gym or out to skate on the ice or something for an hour after dinner so that I had a break & relaxed a bit. To be fair, everyone else in my class was taking 5 courses and I was taking 6.). And if someone was ever behind in their work? Heaven forbid! You wouldn't be setting foot away from the kitchen table and your homework except for meals & bedtime until you were caught up.
There definitely would NOT have been a trip to the store to be spending any gc.
So you are not an unreasonable parent, but a sensible one IMO.
And Laurie, better he learn his lesson with money now when he is young and it doesn't really "matter" KWIM? He's not going to starve, lose his house etc if he spends it all right away. But he will learn that if he does that, he won't have money for what he needs/wants in future. Especially if you DON'T buy him an ipod for birthday/Christmas and make him save & earn it.
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