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Originally Posted by gregzgurl View Post
Amy, you make very valid points about setting expectations, "playing by the rules", and CAS vs more embellished styles. However, from my friend's experience (since I don't have anything personally to go by), her disappointment was more along the lines of contrapat's - irregular layers, mis-stamped images, etc. I think that the swap hostess that she indicated was smart - exchange like for like.

Having said that, though, I'll also say this: maybe the makers of the "poor" cards are new to stamping, excited about their first swap, and just don't have the skills (yet) to do better. I personally know someone who has been stamping for a long time and LOVES it, but her abilities will NEVER match her enthusiasm! Bless her - she churns out card after card of mismatched papers, wonky images, weird embellishments, etc., and I would never dream of telling her anything negative about any of it - she's having too much fun! (She doesn't participate in swaps, though )

I agree with you about levels of competence. I think enthusiasm for the craft is important, even imperative. However, even a first time stamper KNOWS when they have caught an edge. I'll forgive uneven layers before I'll forgive a bad stamping job.

Unfortunately, nowadays, too many people have "relaxed" standards in too many areas of life. (No manners, no consideration for others, no adhering to the rules, etc.) Look around you, isn't it common to see drivers on the freeway dart across 4 lanes of traffic to exit, or for shoppers to drop items anyplace rather than take them back to where they got them? LOL, me on my soapbox! I do customer service for a catalog company, and every day I am treated to unreasonable people, rude, nasty, impatient, unable to admit THEY made a mistake, always wanting everything THEIR way. Of course, I am expected to be unfailingly polite, keep a smile in my voice, and try to make an acceptable compromise between the company rules and the customer's expectations!

I love stamping, I enjoy swaps. But I'm a lot more selective now than I used to be for all of the same reasons as others have posted.

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