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Originally Posted by paigewithpanache View Post
When I read your post, in some ways I thought maybe I wrote it. I am like that too but I was scared to take the leap investing that kind of money not knowing if I would actually use it or not, :/ So I bought a used Cricut from ebay(seller feedback has a high number with 100% feedback so I'm hoping for the best) it will hopefully come in tomorrow. And if all goes good, I will make my investment.
I was hoping you can give me an honest answer(nobody really answered this question) based only on your personal use experience, not favoritism influence by others. I was wondering why some would say BS is better and say things against CB?? When I bought my CB I felt they were basically the same thing, except CB was more suitable for someone with less space available(boy do I ever)! I really love and enjoy my CB a lot!! Cuts and embosses everything I have tried. So since you have both and you don't seam prejudice, what do you say, Are they basically the same , or is there something better about the BS? I do not have a BS ( I wanted it though because of the Pink lol).
I will also do the scavenger hunt around the hunt so I can sell and buy stuff I want. WHoo! This stuff get's expensive!!
Thank you,
Hey Paige!

LOL funny when you read something on here that you feel exactly the same about... it's nice to be able to talk to someone who completely gets where you are coming from LOL!

I can give you a totally honest opinion on the CB and BS as I have owned both!

My own personal opinion is that I prefer the BS... I don't have loads of space so CB was good option for me and so I bought it when it first came out... thats where I started off and I was happy with it until I played with a BS, I used to work in a craft shop and used to demo the machines and it didn't take me long before I made the change!

I just feel the BS embosses better, I have embossed the same folder in both machine and the BS the embossing is more raised which I like.. I also feel that it is a sturdier machine. I found the CB used to move around when turning the handle even though there was the sucker bit on the bottom.. the BS it doesn't move.

The other thing that I used to point out with the two machines is that if you have kids the flaps on the CB could hurt a childs finger if they were messing with the machine.

Plus with the BS you can use the larger BigZ XL dies which I love!

Then of course it is pink with bling... that I have to admit helped!!

So that's my honest opinion.. if you don't care to emboss or use the larger dies then CB is fine...
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