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Originally Posted by cakhuxel View Post
I have to agree with Buggainok. I've struggled with this issue for years, because I'm a graphic/computer person and using the Silouette would be easy for me (I was obsessed with getting one!). However, I'm also a big fan of the line of magazines and I get a lot of my ideas from Stampers Sampler etc. I finally realized that those artists almost never use electronic die cutting machines, and they rarely use regular dies. They use stamps or cut magazines for text, they draw their own (and celebrate when it's not perfect), they cut up photos or print their own photos on watercolor paper. They make these amazing cards, using what they have on hand. That really got me thinking, and led to me cutting my craft shopping by half. I still dream about a Silouette, but I realize that the creativity in the card comes from ME, what I can come up with using the tools I've already got- including my own imagination. I don't want to pause in my process to figure out how to load the paper or set the size, etc. Get your hands moving and the card or page will come together by itself.
As a lot of you know I have a lot of die cutters, lol. I am always playing with die cutters. I am a geek girl. I started with graphic design and went to stamping.

Cakhuxel- Your post really hit me hard in a good way. I am a big fan of Stampington too. My style leans towards that. I have all these cutters in my home and most of the time I am cutting by hand, using found objects, have a large box full of magazine cutouts I am always digging through. I print on all sorts of different kinds of paper and get so excited when I see the outcome. I am most happy with my make do treasures, homemade tools & my coloring tools.

I do love my machines but I seem to gravitate towards them for commercial type items like vinyl for cars or home. Making die cutouts for a trade or just studying and tearing apart the machines. Yes, DH & I tear apart the machines and rebuild them, lol. Warranties are not a word in my vocabulary, lol. We were actually designing a die cutter but I decided I didn't want to spend time I could travel on selling machines and the headaches that go with them.

When I am creating I like the flow. I do agree it's a hassle to get out the mats, load the paper, fool with settings. Last time I created a word in Inkscape, printed it out and cut it by hand. I know what most of you are thinking that took longer than using a machine. I thought it was relaxing. I do enjoy cutting my intricate files with my Cameo.

My DH & I were looking at our cutter collection tonight. We are trying to set up my DH's work area differently. We decided to trade up cutters. We are buying an industrial Roland for him and his friends. I can use it for my heavy work when I need too. This is a lot of money not for a hobbyist, lol. I am keeping my Cameo for my intricate work.

It's funny four years ago I wouldn't be parted with my precious cutters. I grew as an artist and went a different direction. That's a huge thing when deciding on a cutter which one will grow with you. Trust me it took me & my DH several months, almost a year to decide on what we wanted.
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