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Originally Posted by Stampin Wrose View Post
To me, that says our educational systems are failing. If you can't teach people to think about those things, then what's going on?

I love when they say, well, evolution is "just" a theory. Yes, it's a theory like gravity is a theory. We don't understand the whole thing. It's not a theory the way the word is loosely used in conversation. People are not learning the scientific language. And so they are trying to deal with the dissonance by dismissing facts. And all sorts of "scientists" take advantage like snake oil salesmen.

So it does bother me. There's not much hope for the future if people don't learn to think.
Oh... they're thinking all right.

I dunno about the educational system; my nephews and niece are being home-schooled. I hated science so I don't remember any of it from my (secular) public school days.

I know I picked up a kid's science book (one of those by DK??) and read through it and my sister had edited it. The original text went something like "no one has ever heard a dinosaur so we don't know what they sounded like." She changed it to something like "no one currently alive has ever..." Stuff like that. <cringing>

I don't know anything about science; certainly not enough to put forth convincing evidence that would even start to change her mind. Just as we were taught in public schools that science is science, and is mostly correct until completely proven otherwise, my sister is teaching her kids that the Bible is the book of truth, even where science is concerned.
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