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Good Morning alphagirls, let me start off by saying I screwed up majorly. I had written out my letter challenge and now can't find the file OR the paper I had it written on!! I'm so I copied and pasted Dani's very first post and will go through and make a few changes to get you moving.


Whether you are a beginner or a pro when it comes to stamping and/or challenges you are going to love participating in the Alphabet Challenge, it's as easy as ABC. Come on in and join us; I'm sure you will be addicted in no time.

Ok stampers, this is how the Alphabet Challenge works: Wednesday of each week a weekly letter is posted then you are challenged to make a card (or other stamping project) making sure to add at least 1 item that starts with the current week's letter.

This time around the letters are being given in random order. If you would like to take a week and pick the weekly letter please let me know.

For Example: Let's say the current week's letter is "L" You could make a card with "L"ace on it or use "L"avendar paper or even stamp a picture of a "L"ady. Whatever you think of; it's your creation and the sky's the limit. You can use 1 item or as many items as you wish, how many you choose is up to you.
Once you are done making your card please make sure to upload it to your gallery and then post a link to it in the Alphabet Challenge thread. (If you need help with this please feel free to ask or pm FMcrafter)

Each week there will be a KEYWORD please make sure to put the keyword in the space provided while uploading your card. This is how all of the cards made for Round 4 of the Alphabet Challenge end up in the same gallery.

There you have it, by following these instructions you just finished the weekly Alphabet Challenge. It's as easy as A B C.

Now more about the extra part of this challenge.

This is an extra challenge you do NOT need to participate in the "DARE" challenge if you do not want to.

Here is how it works: Once you have made your card and posted it into the Alphabet Challenge thread you can "Dare" a fellow SCSr to make a card using an item of your choice. If they ACCEPT your "Dare" and post their card that has the item you chose then you will have to send them the card you made for that week.

Each time you give a "Dare" you will receive 1 point. Each time you complete a "Dare" you will receive 1 point. If you are not being "Dared" that often you can either call out for a "Dare" (Dare me if you Dare) or make sure you are giving those "Dares" out. You can give out more than one "Dare" per letter. Just remember you have to send each person that accepts a "Dare" from you a card.
At the end of round 4 the person that has the most points will receive a "Special Prize". So c'mon get out there and hand out those "Dares".

I will try to keep track of who dared who in the next post. Let me know if I miss you.

Thank you so much for participating in Round 4 of the Alphabet Challenge. REMEMBER: You are welcome to come and chit chat with us anytime. We promise we will not corrupt you. The most important thing we MUST do in the Alphabet Challenge is to HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!

If you have any questions about any part of the Alphabet Challenge please feel free to pm me with your questions or check the list of FAQ's below to see if your question is answered.

1. Do I have to play every week in order to join this challenge? NO
2. If I miss a letter do I have to make it up? NO
3. May I ask someone to take the Alphabet Dare challenge that has never participated in the Alphabet Challenge before? If so, how do I ask them to take the dare? YES & You can send them a private message inviting them to take the Alphabet Dare Challenge.
4. Can I dare more than 1 person? YES but keep in mind that if they accept your dare and complete it you will have to send each of them a card.
5. How will I know if that person accepted my challenge? When you send out a dare it is IMPORTANT that you let me know the person's SCS name and the item that you dared them to use. You can pm me this information.
6. Is there a time limit on posting your card for each letter? No there is no time limit on the regular weekly letter cards. However, there is a time limit on any dares. You will have until Friday of the following week to post your dare card. That gives you a couple extra days after the week is up just in case you should need them.

THis week's letter is the letter "M" for muscrat! Makes it easier for me to remember! Have fun, and get to work on those M card.
Please use alpha409 as your keyword.
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