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Originally Posted by SophieLaFontaine View Post
Uh, well, I have no kids, plants, or pets. So that leaves me with lots of time to make cards, surf the internet, and do the rituals and goat slaughter.

Well... I guess I would have trouble too, except that I do know my sister, whom I THINK believes in all that stuff. But...she is quite intelligent. I don't think that she believes that fossils were planted by the devil. She DOES believe that dinosaurs and humans existed at the same time. It doesn't make sense to me that she is so intelligent otherwise, but manages to um... reconcile such ...cognitive dissonance? But I am used to things not making sense to me.

Another co-worker explained the earth's age and fossils bit from his point of view. He said that God created Adam and Eve as adults (aged humans) and not as infants. So God could've created an aged earth complete with fossils and age...

Also, I have heard other Christians saying that carbon dating is not reliable. I am not interested enough to pursue this branch of science enough so that I can refute this. And there are other accusations of scientists manipulating data to fit their image of geological history.

But none of this bothers me, since I don't think these beliefs harm anyone. What REALLY bothers me is their attitude towards gay marriage and abortion.
I'm obviously NOT bright enough to remember what was said at the top of the page, but I know there was a lot up there that I thought - yup that was me, yup, that would be me. I'm totally with the daughter who felt like the bible was another one of her story books - that would have been me in Junior high school. I read all the mythology and then segued right over into the religion section and read all that. A pattern emerged. Oddly enough, they All were trying to explain natural phenomena through super natural means. They ALL were trying to get people to behave better. So, it foolowed for me that they must all be related.

I really don't care what religon people choose to follow. WHAT I CARE about is when they try to impose their religious beliefs on ME, or other people who don't believe as they do.
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