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Originally Posted by asuncionshija View Post
I've only had two cutters. The first was the Gazelle. Not to dismiss the experience of others, but that was the worst machine & customer service I've ever experienced.
When I was having problems I posted in their forums - 9 times out of 10 I got responses that told me that the machine was awesome (helpful how? implying stupidity on my part?). The help videos had no sound and the pop up boxes (with written directions) were often covered with the controls used to play the video. The software was wonky, often causing my laptop to freeze or blue screen. The "free" cut files included with the software were often incomplete (as in the cut lines didn't line up) and I was told that they *knew* that the free files weren't very good, but they weren't from BossKut so there was nothing to be done. The machine/software (quite literally) had me in tears more than once, and the c/s and forums made me feel like a complete moron. The most disheartening thing was that there were NO poor reviews. Everyone out there seems to thing BossKut is the bomb - maybe I'm just the odd man out?
DH finally sold the Gazelle and bought me a Cameo. Now, I don't know what sort of things you want to cut, but for me it was a fantastic solution. C/S has been all that I could wish for and there are a million clear, helpful videos posted on YouTube by tons of different users. Don't like one person's teaching style? Find another!
And yes, you do get a bunch of free files (with pretty much all cutters I think) but then you have to buy individual files from the store. Hmmm, not entirely true. I've done tracing with free jpeg/gif images from the web and it's worked amazingly well. And there are plenty of sales, clearance images and a free shape of the week (every Tuesday).
I think the first thing to consider is what you want to cut, then how important it is that you don't have to connect to your computer. It's a very personal decision based on your style.
Isn't it awesome to face a tough decision that will ultimately make you happy?
I do love my Gazelle. You have such valid and important points. Kind of long post.

I have known the girls on the Gazelle forum a long time. Most of them were around when the Gazelle was being created. Back then I didn't have any interest in one. Those girls are just sweeties but they are really hard core in the industry. I agree there is too much hand holding on the forum. Have a problem? Call. Need an answer? Call and go through steps with the machine. That is great for so many people. It's a powerful machine and people do need that type of customer service. I on the other hand absolutely HATE that. Give me an answer and let me figure it out myself. I have felt stupid asking a question too and a little hurt.

When I said the machine was too loud I was told to stick it on a towel. I was really hurt by that answer. It made me feel discriminated against that I have ear damage that causes sensitivity to sound. I told them that and they still made me feel stupid. The towel would muffle the sound. The machine is not really that loud. Yes, it is! Jin did a decibel test it's LOUD! The machine has been in our garage ever since used for vinyl heavy duty work. That's where loud machines go. I still use it for my design machine but I am tired of the garage. I am a girly girl. That's the man domain.

I do recommend the videos because well, there are no videos for the Gazelle out there. I am not going to make any, lol. I also recommend the videos because Funtime has a huge learning curve. I hope watching the videos helps people decide if that cutter is for them or not. I do agree the videos have no sound and the pop up boxes are an annoyance. I am like you I need to find videos my style. I am listening to a Hello Kitty haul video right now and she's playing Backstreet Boys on her radio. I am in heaven. I know I am an earth geek girl BSB/HK fan. Sorry girls.

I can give the Gazelle some bad pointers to make you feel better. The USB cord looks like a snake. One of my friends almost had a cardiac arrest when she saw the cord on my desk. I am not joking. She's terrified of snakes. I donated the cord after that. It leaves these little black streaks on your desk from the feet. I have an antique desk I don't want black streaks on my desk or risk hurting my desk trying to get the black streaks off. The machine is loud. I hate the dongle. Who uses dongle's anymore? My new embroidery machine doesn't even use a dongle.

I love the Gazelle because I can use it in a variety of software programs. I can throw the thing and it bounces right back. I can cut heavy items with it. I don't have to worry about my DH's car friends getting grease on it since it's got black steaky lines already, lol. It's a great accurate cutter and she's small, metal and well built. DH & I are thinking of selling it next year for a heavy duty Roland Cutter on a rolling stand that can make car skins.
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