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Originally Posted by SophieLaFontaine View Post
But did you MAKE yourself stop believing? Or did it just happen naturally, as a result of not thinking about God for several years, etc.?

I know belief changes sometimes over time. But I have the impression that these changes occur naturally (out of the control of the person), and not as a result of a conscious decision to believe or refuse to believe.

Like taste? I know that eons ago I used to like swimming (well, playing in water). Now I don't, but I didn't do anything to MAKE myself change my taste for swimming. It just happened, out of my control. I feel that I can't control my own tastes (and beliefs), so it's hard for me to imagine that someone else can.
Hmmm, I guess it was a combination of natural conclusions, perhaps motivated by the fact that I ran into some very interesting people at both ends of the spectrum, and really never had before. They made me think about god, something I had kind of not been thinking about. They made me question my old beliefs, knowing I hadn't been practicing anything for a long time. And everything I've learned the past 25 or 30 years, it all just lined up. It made no more sense. It wasn't an emotional conclusion. It was more of a slow realization.

I have always tried to figure out why people think what they do, even though I know one can't really ever know - just consider factors. I have a BS in Psychology (that I never used professionally), because it fascinates me.

Yes tastes do change. But when I do think about why, I can generally come up with answers. Why did I love going to concerts but no longer do? Because it's a PITA. You have to work hard to get tickets and pay a ton of money and get stuck in traffic and crowds and ... well you get the picture. I didn't mind that stuff when I was a kid. When DH got free tickets a few years back (through his work), they were free and that eliminated enough hassle to enjoy the concert. ha ha.

Sometimes we force ourselves. I wanted to drink hot milk before bedtime, but it tastes kind of weird, so I'd put a little cocoa mix into it, and little by little, cut back.

I admit I'm a dork. My kids constantly reassure me.

I don't think you think about it as obsessively as I do. I feel like your spirit is more artistic, and well it's hard to describe, but not so pinned down by what one might call mundane matters. I like math, always did. But not calculus, speaking of that. Real numbers. I probably would have been good in accounting, but what woman was told to go into accounting in the sixties?

I do love hearing how people think.
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