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In reply to Stampin Wrose I would say that everyone has to have some faith in some things but the difference between what I have faith in and what a religious person has faith in is huge. I believe in the scientific method. That means I believe that the way to find out about the world is to firstly observe, secondly to formulate a hypothesis as to why what you observe does or does not fit with your expectations or other observations, thirdly set up an experiment to prove or disprove your hypothesis and lastly to accept or discard your hypothesis depending on the results of your experiment. Anything else is a fairy tale.
So, I generally have faith that other people have carried out this process if their results have been publicised in a peer-reviewed scientific journal and especially if their results have been repeated with the same result elsewhere. I don't have to do every experimnt in the world myself. I also know that some very misleading information can be published in a peer-reviewed journal, for example Nature published that immunisation of children can cause autism, and the journal had to publish a very embarrassing reversal when the author of the original article admtitted he falsified the results.
I hesitate to admit that I feel I am smarter than a religious person who accepts the Bible or any other religious document but to be honest I do. At the very least I am less blind, less superstitious, less susceptible to cant, more open minded, more thoughtful, and more aware of the larger picture than a religious person.
To sum up, accepting the Bible or any other religious document 'on faith' to me is not very intelligent.
To live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong. Joseph Chilton Pearce
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