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Originally Posted by NancyK. View Post
I really appreciate everyone's feedback here - especially those who have both and are using both. While I do see an electronic cutter in my future - it will most likely be next year.

So - I have heard both opinions on cardstock weight for the cameo - does it really cut SU weight (or even heavier?). I like the look of the intricate styles and I don't think they would be any better or worse in terms of cutting with a manual machine vs electronic. The savings would be in purchasing dies vs an electronic file - I figure I would be able to buy more files.

Also - about the cutting blade.....I can understand that you may need to replace it...but has anyone tried sharpening it? Either by cutting aluminium foil (like you would do to sharpen a punch) or with a small dremel tool?

Thanks again!!
SU CS is fibrous. All die cutters can cut fibrous CS but they all have trouble. Those little fibers like to get caught up in your blade holders, snagged around your blades, etc. I have heard people say they can cut SU CS just fine. I have heavy duty cutters and all my cutters have trouble with fibrous CS. That's why when working with fabrics you need to interface it first before you cut on a machine. This is where the manual machines have the biggest plus they can cut fibrous CS with neat edges. Plus, fibrous wears down your blade faster. The Cameo was made as an intricate cutter. It will work with lighter materials better.

I am the queen of sharpening my blades, lol. I can make a blade last forever. I use the tin foil method. I use tin foil after every project I am finished with. My DH also manually sharpens my blades for me. This can only be done a couple of times since the blade will get shorter per use. You need to make sure that blade is at the right angle when sharpening. I wouldn't recommend the dremel sharpener. My DH sharpens blades as a side job. He is professionally trained so he has the right sharpeners in his kit. Somebody asked me years ago about the dremel too and my DH said no it can mess up the angle.
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