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Default Is a manager on a team part of the team?

My DD tried out for volleyball. She killed herself over the last year working on skills and trying to get good enough to make her middle school team. She's an 8th grader and knew that her chances were slim to snag a spot on an established City Champions team. I think there were only three open spots. She didn't make the first cut, which wouldn't have been so hurtful if one of the girls that made the first cut showed up to tryouts without shoes and couldn't hit the ball over the net to save her life. Even Ari's best friend, who has never played before and attended one camp this summer, made the first cut. Ari is happy for her and hopes that she will do well at the second tryout. Her friend is tall and willing to dive for anything. Always helpful in volleyball! LOL

Anyway, she is crushed that she didn't make the first round of cuts, but the coach has offered her a position as 1st manager. He has given her until tomorrow at the end of the day to make her decision. She isn't sure if she wants to do it. I told her that it would be a good learning experience and would give her to opportunity to occasionally hit the ball around and practice her serving. The problem is, she wanted to be on the team to PLAY, not carry equipment.

My question is, does being a manager make her part of the team, or just some girl who wasn't good enough to make the volleyball team? Any insight on how the kids on the team would view her? She's friends with a couple of the girls, not close friends, but friends. If her BF makes it, it would give Ari a chance to go to the games and cheer her on, even the away ones. This is a tight nit group of friends, and I would hate for her to be considered an outsider because she's "just a manager". KWIM

Any insight out there. Suggestions on what she should do? Middle school is tough.
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