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Originally Posted by tryingtofindtime View Post
LOL....thank you for that,...I've never considered myself a "hottie" even when I was super that I'm twice the size I used to be I just feel yucky about this week I've started walking and tomorrow I'm going to a zumba class....might not complete a whole song, but going to have fun and laugh at how terrible I am at it....I hate to dance and have two left I'm hoping that this won't feel like excersize....and I'm just going to have fun. I don't do exersize well! LOL

and you are correct, "You're as hot as you think you are regardless of any shape or size!!!" I do hope I didn't offend anyone...I guess you can tell I'm not too happy about how I look. I know once I can shed some weight I'll feel better both mentally and physically...Now I just need to stick to excersizing...well at the least moving more, walking more, steps.
I wasn't offended I just strongly believe that there is enough people in this world more than willing to put down and make fun of folks with even a little weight, without that person doing it themselves! Many people aren't kind. They forgot the manners they were probally raised with from either a mom or grand-mother. Weight isn't also because of food either. Love who you are!!!!!!!

God made us!! Some us he made a gene to give us a littl e fluffiness, so there is more to love! Really some of the kindess, loving spirited and fun people are those who have come to grips with a weight issue. That's ok God wanted all sizes and all shapes and so He created us. If He loves us the way we are then we should also be comfortable with who we are. Make sense? to quote a old saying "God didn't make any junk" We are all His personal created art work!
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