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Originally Posted by Chef Mama
Morgen! Que happening? Our little family party for Karis was very nice. Just our family along with my bro's ex-wife & her hubby. Last year there were 2 other sets of grandparents b/c my niece's husband also has divorced parents. Actually, his dad's divorced from his 2nd wife, so it was just 3 grandparents on that side! LOL! My brother told his dad, "We put the fun in dysfunctional." Anyway, watching the 2 little girls play & NOT share very well at times was fun. Holding & feeding great niece 3, Shelby, is always fun. And I took a picture of great niece 4---my niece's shirt over her belly. ha, ha, ha!

The drive wasn't so pleasant. We've had hot miserable weather & of all days, yesterday it chose to rain, nee, pour. Like how I said "nee?" And mom hates the tollway in Houston, so we drove down this LONG flat road, in the right hand lane all the way about 10 miles---meaning the lane with the water standing & splashing up on us---in heavy traffic. Then, driving back, I offered to drive & it poured on the highway to the point that I was going about 40 mph on the highway & feeling nervous at that at some points. Plus it was lightning ahead of us which wasn't comforting! We finally got to my mom's house at about 11:45 pm. We got into the van, drove about 2 blocks (which was several turns) and the power steering went out on me! I called Phil & he said go back to their house b/c it meant a belt fell off & it would overheat. Drove back, having to manhandle the wheel (I have little upper arm strength). Decided we'd take my dad's truck home, but I had to then move the van around the corner to the front of the house. Oh, my! Just glad to be home.

Miss I, have fun shopping with Mom!

Jo, it's so glad to have you home! Are you still Grumpy or are you now Sleepy, Sneezy or Doc? I'm Achey, the 8th dwarf, today!

Caro, thank you for 'splainin that to me! I love people stories. I could really get into history if it were all told in story form!

I need to go back a page & see if Hedgie popped in. And Granny. And Kristi, but I know from FB that K. is out of town.

Have a good day!
Oh gee Lori, I'm so glad you were still pretty close to your parent's house when the power steering went out, and that you made it home safely. Sounds like you had quite a day!
~Kristi aka Grace

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