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Originally Posted by ScrappinCEO View Post
Yep... I knew we were running behind and didn't realize you'd already asked Ina. Should have texted me hehe. I put it up. Wish I could fix your 'happy' too. My nephew accuses me of being to F*%# happy. LOL Maybe I'm happy enough for both of us?

Ina had PM'd me.. I seriously forgot all about it.

The guys had to rearrange my room. I had a note with the dates and ideas on it. Not a clue where that even is.

There is so much drama here, aside from my arm issues.
Our neighbor and his gf got into a fight and she come running down here. Sheriff came and lots of blah blah blah
she's been here since Aug 2nd with her 4 yr old
this child has diminished all happy I had built up
she is never told no, never taught respect and has very limited manners

I've been on the phone and she will come in and start talking to me, o matter what I say to her
well a few days ago i blew, that child now listens when I speak

then I came in my room room here with my ice pack. had my eyes closed just meditating. The mom comes here and starts talking to me about all the stuff that's old news. I finally got up and went in the bath room closed the door and and just sat in there for half hour!

Clint feels like he owes her for helping us out with the car awhile back (okay fine) just STAY AWAY from me! LOL

She was s'posed to get an apartment last week , but the money her brother sent got sent back. he put the wrong number on the fed ex thing.
I told her if he'd used UPS it would have come right here. I work for one of their companies and the driver knows me well. My name is not that common and there are only 4 people living on Birch Bark Road
Bu the money come yesterday the plan was to move her today.. it's raining !

SO very long story short... I am even more depressed now and have a hard time finding my 'Care About That' Spot
so when it pops up I take advantage... thus posted Sept Challenge so its done just in case

As for your Too f****** Happy, LOL wish it could be bottled and shared!

Oh! Guess what I finally found.. Folgers Caramel Drizzle! Out store finally carries it!

Now to find that recipe for the chocolate part again! Post it here?????
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