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Originally Posted by raquelita_uno View Post
I had the opportunity to meet a local candidate this past week who was going door to door to introduce himself. Seems like a nice guy and he was in favor of an issue important to me (paying back the schools that the legislature "borrowed" from to balance the budget) but unfortunately I'm turning into a single issue voter and I really hate it! This particular canditate planned to vote against gay marriage in our state this year and is against reproductive choice. (I won't use the term pro-life or anti-abortion because everyone I know is pro-life and would rather there be fewer abortions). I absolutely can not support anyone who puts their religious beliefs ahead of everyone else's rights. Perhaps someone would say I am putting my beliefs ahead of everyone else also, but at least my beliefs don't force anyone to do something or forbid them either.
I would say that's two issues that are important to you! But - I agree.

I guess I don't agree with the direction Romney wants the money to flow, and I do agree with the general Democrat platform of helping those less fortunate. I DO feel that sense of obligation that those who've done well should be concerned about those who have not had opportunity. (I also think if the trend against that continues, we should prepare for revolution. And perhaps with the advancement of the police state, they are!)

But besides that, I am DEFINITELY voting on social issues this election. Some years it hasn't been of primary importance, because neither candidate was looking to regress 50 years into the past.

But this year? I don't care how nice you are, if you are anti-reproductive rights and anti-gay anything, you don't have my vote.
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