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Originally Posted by tigerlily55 View Post
Yes, I think it must be because preserving the community, just as it is, is the highest priority. If fallen away kids are allowed to come back and visit, they could take more people with them.

I suppose it's no different than any other sects or cultures. Hindu parents want their kids to marry Hindus to keep the culture in tact. Catholic or Jewish parents want their kids to do the same even though these days it's less likely to happen.
Yes when I was a kid, I heard about marrying other Catholics and how you couldn't get married in the church otherwise or whatever; then it turned out you could have an ecumenical service, if this and that was covered. But it was probably my generation that moved off that to the great extent that it was pretty much blown out of the water.

This went along with television, feminism, the sexual revolution, hippies and communes, and everything being on TV. The good thing was, young people who didn't fit that fifties mold, used to be relegated to second class status. They began to realize they weren't alone and didn't have to feel that way.

I do find it interesting that when I was in HS in the sixties, the city had enough Catholic schools to have sports leagues. No football, but basketball - we had that many high schools that were supported by parishes. Most parishes had a grade school and each section of the city had a high school that these grade schools fed into.

Now the city is down to two Catholic high schools, one an expensive prep school that's hard to get into. There was less and less need through the years. One building after another was sold.
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